Benefice Holiday Club

27 Aug - 30 Aug 2019

"Journey of a Lifetime"

Register to attend or to help us and find more details here.  

Space Trekkers: Journey of a Lifetime is the theme for this year’s Benefice Holiday Club.

It will be running following the Bank Holiday from Tuesday 27 August to Friday 30 August.

The website is up and running with registrations filling up fast. The price has been kept down to £4 per day per child (or £14 for 4 days) .

As ever it will be led by Ian and Elaine Coules, joining us from Liverpool. The set is built, the craft is planned and the dramas developing. The week will be based around the life of St Peter as we follow his ups and downs as he grows and stumbles in faith. Meanwhile the theme of space in this 50-year commemoration of the moon landings will be woven through the week. Get your space costumes ready!

Would you like to help?

72 children are involved every day so it takes a good team to run this. Look on the website under Volunteers for the sort of help you could give.

There are many volunteers for support help but what is really needed are Leaders who will be with the children in their groups during the morning. As a leader you are given all the materials and training you will need. You will be working as a team of adults and teenagers, so you are not left to fend for yourself – ever!

What is required of you is enthusiasm, energy, a desire to see children develop and grow in their understanding of faith and a willingness to learn and grow yourself. No one has ever regretted being a leader! You could try a day or two to start with.

Register and find more details here.